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Multi-channel learning media:

Human touch at scale

Learn Interactive works with organizations experiencing rapid change to improve the quality of leadership, teamwork and human interaction.

Our learning solutions combine the power and excitement of cutting-edge media technology with the timeless value of the human touch.

March 2020 bulletin


Very few of us love virtual meetings. (OK, let's face it: many of us actively hate them!) But right now the chances are you find yourself doing pretty much nothing else. All day, every day. 


But there's hope: you can learn to love Zoom, WebEx and all those other platforms. Whether you're running a meeting or you're a participant you can make your virtual meetings rock.


We've put together a short video in which Craig Laviano (CLO of Learn Interactive) offers practical tips and tricks for productive—who knows, maybe even enjoyable—virtual meetings.

Learning at work is powered by context

There are many companies offering development around leadership and teamwork. We are different because nothing we do is generic and everything we do is relentlessly tailored to be relevant to the unique challenges faced by your business and your people. 


We believe passionately that content derives its power from context. To summarize the benefits of our approach:

  • Your challenge within your context: Our solutions are built around the unique challenges your people face day-to-day in the real world

  • "Evergreen" content: Our unique rapid response video production enables us to adapt to changes and new challenges, publishing new and compelling content at breathtaking speed

  • The right technology—or zero technology: From the latest in VR to humble web-based video to a conference-room seminar, we are experts in curating the right mix of learning modalities

  • Impact at scale:  Our deep expertise with both digital and face-to-face learning enables us to deliver a highly tailored experience across large learner populations

  • Human touch: All learning (including digital learning) is designed around individuals' specific experiences, meaning each learner feels a powerful personal connection to the content

  • Business expertise: Our facilitators bring deep first-hand knowledge of business challenges; we know what it's like at the "sharp end" of business—we've been there!

The human touch—at scale

The video below is a typical example of a rapid response "microlearning" asset—a short clip addressed to a specific group of learners. This is how we achieve both intimacy (the "human touch"—in that we address challenges specific to the group) and scale (because the video asset can be widely circulated).


In this particular example the audience is all people managers at a Bay Area biotech. Craig Laviano (Chief Learning Officer, Learn Interactive) partnered with the client team to launch an enterprise-wide process to ensure that every employee experienced the value of an IDP (Individual Development Plan). This initiative was part of a broader effort to increase employee engagement.


Videos of this type were circulated immediately following a series of scheduled live (in-person) sessions to drive understanding and application.

Our solutions

This “high-tech / high-touch” combination enables us to deliver highly effective programs at the speed and scale required by modern business.


We typically work with four critical populations, as below.

New Managers

A few months into their first management role, new people leaders have experienced a taste of what being a manager really means.


This is a fertile moment for development: individuals are very open to guidance and support as they seek to be the best manager they can be.

Mid-level Managers

Individuals with one or more years of experience in a leadership role need to master delegation, feedback (including difficult conversations) and many critical aspects of performance management.


Quality of leadership at this level—the “vital middle"— is closely tied to successful execution of enterprise strategy.

From Manager to Director

As individuals grow towards more senior leadership they need help and support to draw maximum benefit from cross-functional experiences, building networks and influence across the organization.


These individuals shape and operationalize strategy: Their ability to inspire and mobilize those around them is a critical success factor for the business as a whole.

Senior Executives

A “leader of leaders” within any organization has a key role to play in providing support and mentoring for the next layer of talent. The support of peers can be particularly valuable as individuals develop the skills and emotional intelligence to prepare for success at the highest levels.


Highly personalized development includes an emphasis on one-on-one executive coaching.

Our clients

The founding partners of Learn Interactive, Craig Laviano and Bruno Kavanagh, have between them decades of experience providing highly effective digital and in-person development solutions. Delighted clients include some of the world's most admired organizations. 

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Technology: The force multiplier for learning

At Learn Interactive we believe strongly that technology can help to support and scale high-quality learning experiences. Asynchronous content is delivered via MOOC-style cohort-based courses, as well as an always-expanding library of on-demand video case studies (“microlearning”).


We are technology agnostic. This comes from a strong belief that it's not the technology that matters, but how you deploy it to deliver a meaningful and impactful learner experience.

  • For organizations new to online learning we can specify and implement third-party platforms and technologies that offer the best fit with budget and requirements

  • For organizations with and installed base of legacy technologies we can integrate our work with all major LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform) technologies

Technology's role in the "learning mix" is to provide support and on-demand access for all users throughout the learning cycle, as follows:

  • Enrollment: Platform handles the transactional side of learner management (registration & enrollment, assigning curriculum etc.)

  • Pre-work: Getting learners "up the learning curve" with asynchronous "101" content, delivered online; this maximizes the impact of live interventions

  • Live (synchronous) small group seminars: Technology enables action learning project collaboration across geographies

  • Social learning (peer-to-peer): Learners come together on the technology platform to question and encourage each other; in this way the organization's "group IQ" is boosted as a culture of collaboration develops 

  • Follow up (post-course / "microlearning"): To be effective, learning needs to be refreshed and reinforced at regular intervals; we avoid "set and forget" syndrome by offering refresher content and opportunities for real-world practice through "microlearning"-style mini-interventions

  • On-going performance support: The technology platform offers an ever-expanding, on-demand library of content that learners can access 24/7/365

"None of us is smarter than all of us" 

(Japanese Proverb)

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