Learn Interactive works with organizations experiencing rapid change. Our mission is to help our clients execute successful transformation by improving leadership and teamwork across the "vital middle."


These are the managers and directors whose job every day is to convert high-level strategy into results on the ground.

We combine high-tech solutions with tried-and-trusted "high-touch" synchronous learning. In this way we can reach all your vital middle, not just "high-potentials." 


This is leadership development reimagined!

To achieve maximum impact, our programs focus on two critical populations, Rising Managers and Emerging Leaders. We’ve been working with these groups in some of the most innovative and successful companies for decades. We have a deep understanding of the challenges they face. We know how to help them succeed.

Rising Managers

Who? Rising managers are preparing for, or newly promoted into, their first people manager role.

When? Programs are best delivered in a two-year window—from six months before promotion to a eighteen months following promotion.


Why? This is a fertile moment for development: individuals are very open to guidance and support; each individual's contribution can be accelerated.

The challenge: With this population the primary challenge is scale. There are a large number of individuals who need development!

Emerging Leaders

Who? Individuals who are transitioning from management to taking on a business leadership role; typically from Senior Manager to Director level.

When? Programs are best delivered in a two-year window—from six months before promotion to a eighteen months following promotion.


Why? Two key skills that need to be developed at this level  are delegation and performance feedback; quality of leadership at this level is closely tied to successful execution of enterprise strategy.

The challenge: It is vitally important for this population to create and extend peer-to-peer partnerships inside and outside the organization.

Development for ALL the "vital middle" 

In the video below, Craig Laviano (Chief Learning Officer, Learn Interactive) explains how the vital middle is critical to the future of any organization—and how development programs that combine the best of both high-tech and high-touch learning modalities can deliver quality development at scale.

The human touch—at scale

Learners are human beings first: to achieve results learning needs to appeal to emotions. Many agencies claim to produce "engaging" or "compelling" learning. But there's a reason most company employees regard online learning as a drudge. They feel they're being "sheep-dipped" in one-size-fits-all experience.

We fix this. Even at scale we strive to create an experience that puts each individual learner and their needs front-and-center.


How? Our approach involves six overlapping dimensions:



Our content team can unlock the (often hidden) knowledge unique to your organization that can be—and needs to be—shared for transformational learning to happen.



We deploy the right solutions to meet each client's unique requirements and amplify the reach and impact of investment in learning technology.



There's nothing "second best" about our live (synchronous) online sessions—after decades of experience we've truly mastered the art of the digital classroom.



Short, highly watchable media ("microlearning") keeps content constantly fresh, relevant and enjoyable—and tailored to your learners' specific challenges.



Our SMEs and facilitators, led by CLO Craig Laviano, are world-class experts and thought-leaders in the art and science of workplace leadership and teamwork.



Our learners are human beings with unique needs and emotions; in designing high-tech solutions we never forget the infinite value of the human touch.

Our clients

The founding partners of Learn Interactive, Craig Laviano and Bruno Kavanagh, have between them decades of experience providing highly effective digital and in-person development solutions. Delighted clients include some of the world's most admired organizations. 

"None of us is smarter than all of us" 

(Japanese Proverb)



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