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Any engagement will begin with a thorough assessment of your needs and goals: What impact does the program need to have on behaviors and performance within your target audience?

The video below illustrates a typical program architecture. We call it our "Subway Map" (for obvious reasons!) It shows how we combine a range of approaches (live / online / formal / informal) to build the a powerful and effective development experience for your learners.


Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss a learning structure that can meet the unique learning requirements of your organization.

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Momentum continues following the program...


The design of our programs emphasizes the need for on-going impact. There's no point in a "set-and-forget" intervention: measurable change and improvement must be the result.


To achieve this we put in place the infrastructure for a sustainable, peer-led coaching culture alongside online learning that is centered on the learners' needs. Online and mobile platforms offer refresher ("microlearning") content that can be continually updated, as well as performance support at point of need.


In parallel with online support, the peer-led coaching culture is typically supported and embedded through two "light-touch" approaches: special "office hours" sessions (we call these "DOJOs") and Learning Circles which are led internally by managers themselves. These specially-designed components of the program achieve two key goals:

  • With the DOJO format, at scheduled times (also called "office hours") participants can attend an open-agenda session with an expert facilitator to raise any issue whatsoever (including requesting role-play practice). In this way the program can dynamically flex to specific needs and requirements of learners as they emerge—sessions can cover any relevant topic that participants wish to raise

  • With Learning Circles we achieve a skills transfer whereby selected Circle Leaders within your organization are coached and scaffolded by our facilitators as they learn to conduct on-going workshops around leadership topics. This helps to build capability within your organization, and sustain on-going impact long after the conclusion of the formal phase of the program.

And finally...workbooks and study guides

Last but not least, all our programs are accompanied with detailed workbooks and study guides. These can be digital-only (in interactive PDF format) or they can be printed up and distributed to participants.


Whether digital or hard-copy, workbooks offer participants structured opportunities for "journalling" and recording reflections on all aspects of their individual development. Specific actions and intentions will also be recorded, and the participant can assess progress against these commitments.


We offer two templates to reflect either a "corporate" or an "informal" look and feel, and can customize workbooks to reflect program and organizational branding as required.


Please contact us to find out more, and to discuss the specific needs of your organization.

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