Media production is a key expertise at Learn Interactive. Our team has decades of experience in video production, 2D and 3D animation and graphics.


Our clients benefit in two crucial ways:

  • Broadcast-quality media delights learners at a fraction of standard costs 

  • We can advise on where budget is best deployed to get maximum “bang for buck”


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From cutting-edge 3D animation and Virtual Reality, to quick and agile video storytelling, learning media forms the backbone of what we do. Our unique rapid response production process enables us to adapt to changes and new challenges, publishing new and compelling media content at breathtaking speed​. 


Content is always fresh, always new—and always highly relevant to the challenges your people are facing in their day-to-day jobs. We call this the the "newsdesk" approach. Our highly experienced team can find, shoot and publish the content needs to be shared in your organization today.

The learners we serve have high expectations when it comes to digital media. Video needs to be beautifully produced and edited (with high-quality graphics where appropriate) and the selected technology platform needs to deliver content to any device quickly and easily, without glitches.


We are experts in digital media, with decades of experience of video production, 2D and 3D animation and graphics.

Our clients benefit from this expertise in two crucial ways:

  • Broadcast-quality media at a fraction of standard costs 

  • We can advise on where budget is best deployed to get maximum “bang for buck”


Our India-based technology team is deeply experienced and skilled in technology integration with all leading "flavors" of Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Experience Platform (LXP) including relevant standards (SCORM, xAPI etc.).


Where required, our technologists can specify and deliver made-to-measure customizations on front and back-end, including API development, SSO and mobile app development for both iOS and Android.


At Learn Interactive video production is in our DNA, drawing on experience gained at the BBC in London and from producing large volumes of original programming for the UK's leading business television network.


Video and animation (sometimes called "rich media") massively enhances the learner experience in any learning context. We can make it happen on any budget: the showreel below provides examples where budgets have ranged from "lavish" to "shoestring" and all points in between.


We use the term "lean media" to denote high-quality media assets that are produced at very low cost—without the need for expensive camera equipment or lighting.


The interview below was shot on an iPhone 7. The audio was captured using a consumer-quality microphone. We include this example to demonstrate how an "expert story" can be captured with minimal fuss and expense. With no rehearsal, we sat down with the subject (a leading UK-based sales consultant in this case) in his living room...and the stories flowed. (Note: The video is also enhanced with graphics from our brilliant animation team.)


We can, and have, replicated this technique with household-name enterprises to deliver extraordinary value for money invested.


This online simulation experience was prepared for the McCombs School of Business (University of Texas). It demonstrates how an immersive, asynchronous simulation-type exercise ("choose your own adventure") can be deployed using a series of simple templates. This puts rich and deeply engaging learning experiences within reach, even on a tight budget.


The interaction was both SCORM and xAPI compliant, published on a Moodle-based LMS and designed to complement a portfolio learning activities both online and offline.


(Demo walk-through: 3'50" approx.)


In this video demo Learn Interactive co-founder Bruno Kavanagh walks you through a highly original learning solution designed to prepare human services professionals for work in residential homes for people with learning disabilities.


This is an example of truly "learner-centered" instructional design: the learners themselves are providing a significant portion of the content (including video) and critiquing and commenting on each other's contributions. This helps to create a community of practice where peers are learning from each other, as opposed to traditional top-down instruction.


(Demo walk-through: 6'40" approx.)


Every organization has unique needs in terms of the delivery of content. From a simple SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) to more complex, customized platforms, our experience and expertise can help ensure back-end technology efficiently serves the needs of both your admin staff and the end-users of the learning content.

The video below showcases an example of a ground-up technology project that includes both back-end management and front-end authoring support.

The video is also a great example of seamless workflow between product architects in the USA and an India-based team comprising project managers, software developers and creative graphics specialists. 

This complex and ground-breaking project was delivered on time and under-budget, and has received wide usage from major corporations including Janssen (part of Johnson & Johnson) and other household-name corporations.

Also worth noting: The video itself (3D animation using Adobe After Effects CC), also happens to be an excellent example of outstanding low-cost creativity delivered by our outstandingly talented offshore (India-based) animation resources.


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