Learn Interactive delivers industry-leading manager development programs designed from the ground up as virtual solutions. We believe passionately that virtual delivery is in no way second best to face-to-face.


Virtual delivery, done right, is even more powerful.

Our solutions deploy a stunningly effective mix of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (video / media) learning technologies and collaboration tools. This means we can provide exceptional quality development at scale, reaching every manager with high-impact development opportunities.

We achieve results for our clients through an intense focus on the two employee groups mission critical to delivering success: Rising Managers and Emerging Leaders.

We’ve been working with these groups in some of the most innovative and successful companies for decades. We have a deep understanding of the challenges they face and how to provide them with the relationships, experiences and skills they need for success.



Who? Individuals moving into their first people management role

Typical transition: Individual contributor to manager


Who? Individuals making the transition from management to leadership

Typical transition: Senior Manager to Director

Our ability to rapidly understand and respond to specific context means that learners know and trust that training is not generic—it's made with their specific needs in mind. Managers know and trust that their deep engagement will be rewarded with relevant knowledge that helps them succeed.

This is manager training reimagined!

Six ways to say "learner centered"

Learners are human beings first: to achieve results learning needs to appeal to emotions. Too often company employees look at online learning as a drudge—not something to look forward to. They feel they're being "sheep-dipped" in one-size-fits-all experience.

We fix this. Even at scale we strive to create an experience that puts each individual learner and their needs front-and-center.


How? Our approach involves six overlapping dimensions:



Our content team can unlock the (often hidden) knowledge unique to your organization that can be—and needs to be—shared for transformational learning to occur.



Short, highly watchable media ("microlearning") keeps content constantly fresh, relevant and enjoyable—and tailored to your learners' specific challenges.



We believe that learning technology should, where possible, be "invisible" to the learner, embedded in the platforms and collaboration tools they use every day.



Our SMEs and facilitators are world-class experts and thought-leaders in the art and science of workplace leadership and teamwork.



There's nothing "second best" about our live (synchronous) online sessions—after decades of experience we've truly mastered the art of the digital classroom.



Our learners are human beings with unique needs and emotions; in designing high-tech solutions we never forget the infinite value of the human touch.

The human touch at scale

Our programs are built to be virtual. Virtual content—both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (video / microlearning)—is not an afterthought.


Our clients agree: our programs are in no way "second best" to traditional face-to-face development.


Take the video below, which is a typical example of rapid response "microlearning" asset. You'll note how the short clip is addressed to a specific group of learners. It's made specially for them! This is how we achieve both intimacy and scale.


In this particular example the program participants were Emerging Leaders at a Bay Area biotech. Craig Laviano (Chief Learning Officer, Learn Interactive) partnered with the client team to launch an enterprise-wide process to ensure that every employee experienced the value of an IDP (Individual Development Plan). This initiative was part of a broader effort to increase employee engagement.


This is just one example. Many videos of this type were circulated immediately following scheduled live sessions. In this way were were able to drive understanding and application.

Our clients

The founding partners of Learn Interactive, Craig Laviano and Bruno Kavanagh, have between them decades of experience providing highly effective digital and in-person development solutions. Delighted clients include some of the world's most admired organizations. 

"None of us is smarter than all of us" 

(Japanese Proverb)



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