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Our programs are blended, meaning we combine live (including live online) delivery with powerful digital learning experiences. Typically these will include short video-based performance support ("microlearning") and short, highly engaging e-Learning modules. Some programs can go further, deploying state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) for skills-building in areas such as public speaking and presentation.


Digital learning is delivered via a mobile-responsive Learning Experience Platform (LXP). We can work with any installed platform, or we can help you choose and configure the platform that's right for you. For smaller-scale implementations we offer our proprietary "lite" LXP solution. In all cases highly granular usage analytics are delivered in compliance with industry standards (SCORM, xAPI).


The digital content that supports and enhances learning outcomes is produced to consumer-grade quality using learner-centered principles of instructional design. In practice this means that the learner never passively absorbs content: our learners are always evaluating options and making decisions. This may be in the context of an immersive interactive case study, or by contributing user-generated content (UGC) to the platform, perhaps by uploading a presentation or a video. Our designs also harness the power of peer-to-peer learning, as course participants learn from their peers and colleagues through collaborative and social learning. In turn, And, in turn, they can help and support their peers and colleagues as they learn.


The demos below showcase our creative approach to e-learning. Bruno Kavanagh (co-founder of Learn Interactive) walks through three very different examples of e-learning designed around learner-centered principles of "learn by doing."

"Instant Advice" video

A powerful—and to our knowledge unique—dimension of our value proposition is our emphasis on short videos that are deployed throughout the duration of a program and beyond. These videos can serve a variety of functions, from recapping key points and frameworks that were discussed, to addressing sudden or unexpected developments (e.g. a change in market conditions or the competitive landscape) or addressing specific issues raised by participants during or after live sessions. Videos are available via the learning platform 24/7/365, and can be accessed exactly when needed as "just in time" performance support.


Content that responds to user requirements in this way is never generic: it feels to program participants as if it's produced especially for them. Why? Because it is!

Consumer-grade media & video: Showreel!

Our video expertise is critical to our value proposition at Learn Interactive. From cutting-edge 3D animation and Virtual Reality, to quick and agile video storytelling, learning media forms the backbone of what we do.

The learners we serve have high expectations when it comes to digital media. Video needs to be beautifully produced and edited (with high-quality graphics where appropriate) and the selected technology platform needs to deliver content responsively, to any device, quickly and easily and without glitches. See our showreel below for more examples.

In summary: Content designed specifically for your needs

Nothing we do at Learn Interactive is generic—every element of content, both live and asynchronous, is designed with maximum intentionality to meet the specific requirements of your organization, and the target population of your program.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to produce a truly effective program to meet the learning and development needs of your organization.

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